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Available Gauge Sizes:

20 gauge 18 gauge
16 gauge 14 gauge
12 gauge 10 gauge
8 gauge 6 gauge
4 gauge 2 gauge
0 gauge 00 gauge
000 gauge 1/2 inch
9/16 inch 5/8 inch
3/4 inch 7/8 inch
1 inch 1 1/4 inch


Our Products

Montana Body Art, Inc. specializes in the sale of premium quality body piercing jewely at incredibly low prices. We carry a full line of body jewelry including: belly button rings for your navel piercing, captive bead rings (cbr), horseshoes, talons & other circular body piercing jewelry, standard & industrial barbells, tongue rings, nose screws, nose studs, piercing retainers, plugs, tunnels, heavy gauge items, toe rings, and lots more! No matter what type of piercing jewelry you are looking for, Montana Body Art, Inc. has the jewelry you want at the discount prices that you need.

      We sell body jewelry manufactued from numerous materials such as: 100% nickel free 316L surgical implant grade stainless steel, titanium, rhodium, gold plated stainless steel, solid 14 karat gold, .925 sterling silver, Bio-Plast, and more. Montana Body Art, Inc. does not manufacture jewelry, but we do go to great lengths to make sure that we only purchase from reputable manufacturers with the highest level of quality body jewelry available. 

      All of our body piercing jewelry comes individually packaged to help protect it during shipping and to minimize the risk of contact with bacteria. Although Montana Body Art, Inc. takes every precaution to make sure your new piercing jewelry arrives in a sterile condition, we recommend that all body piercing jewelry be cleaned and sterilized before wearing it to reduce any chance of infection. For instructions and recommendations on caring for your new body piercing jewelry, please see our section on Body Piercing Jewelry Cleaning & Sterilization Procedures.

      At Montana Body Art, Inc., we strive to offer only the highest quality body piercing jewelry available. We do not manufacture any of our body jewelry, but we do seek out and purchase from only the best manufacturers in order to provide our customers with the finest body piercing jewelry on the market at near wholesale prices. Although we try to be among the lowest in price, we will not sacrifice quality in order to offer lower prices. Many of the items we offer for sale are available from several manufacturers. We do not purchase from the lowest bidder; rather, we purposely seek out the highest quality and then work to get the best deal possible on it. If you find a similar item for considerably less money, chances are it is inferior in quality. Because of our commitment to excellence and quality, you can purchase body piercing jewelry from us with full confidence that you are recieving the best quality product available. We firmly believe that a cheaper does not always equate to a better value.

Bellybutton Rings:

      Navel piercings are, without a doubt, the most popular of body piercings. As such, Montana Body Art, Inc. sells more bellybutton rings than any other category of piercing jewelry. We sell a wide variety of body jewelry for navel piercings including many varieties of the ever popular banana belly ring (the standard curved barbell with a ball at each end), standard dangle navel rings (with a decorative element suspended from the lower part of the ring below the navel piercing), reverse dangle belly button rings (The dangle hangs from the upper part of the belly ring above the piercing), and navel shields (with a fixed or hinged element which extends outward from shaft in a shield effect).

      Most of our belly button rings are based on a stainless steel shaft. In keeping with our policy of offering only top quality body piercing jewelry, Montana Body Art, Inc. only sells stainless steel jewelry which is manufactured from100% nickel free surgical implant grade (316L) stainless steel. This insures that the items are not only hypoallergenic, but will last for many years. With metal allergies being as common as they are, we refuse to sell anything less than the 316L standard.

      Even our least expensive group of navel piercing jewelry, the standard bellybutton ring with acrylic balls, must meet stringent quality standards before we will offer them for sale. We insist on purchasing and selling only items with the highest quality of acrylic balls available--unlike some of the cheaper ones on the market, none of the acrylic bellybutton rings we sell have molding marks, seams, or other imperfections which would compromise the quality. Similarly, our Ultraviolet (UV) reactive and glow in the dark acrylic balls are molded as such; they are not coated or painted to get the effect. You can be confident that they will glow with the same intensity years from now as they do the day you recieve them.

      Montana Body Art, Inc. offers a special deal on bellybutton rings, for every 5 navel rings ordered we will include a FREE one with your order! For complete details on this special offer, see our Free Bellybutton Rings page.

Captive Bead Rings (CBR):

      Arguably the most versatile body piercing jewelry available, captive bead rings (cbr) can be worn in virtually any body piercing imaginable. Some of the more common applications of this popular type of piercing ring include: lip piercings, septum piercings, ear piercings, nipple piercings, clitoral hood and labia piercings. The application is pretty much limited only by the imagination though and they have also been used in everything from tongue piercings to male genatalia. Due to the wide range of uses and the high popularity of this style of body piercing jewelry, Montana Body Art, Inc. stocks a huge selection of different sizes, gauges, and styles. Like all of our piercing jewelry, 316L is the lowest standard we offer.

      Whether you are looking for a small 16 gauge captive bead for a lip or eyebrow piercing, or a more radical 4 gauge captive bead ring for your ear or nipple, Montana Body Art, Inc. has styles and sizes to fit your needs. In addition to the standard captive bead ring in which the dimpled ball is held in place by spring tension between the ends of the ring, we also carry a selection of snap fit and spring loaded captive bead rings which allow heavier gauges to be easilly installed or removed without the aid of the special opening and closing pliars required for traditional cbr's over 12 gauge. Our selection of captive bead rings includes the entire gamut fom plain 316L stainless rings and balls through more interesting and exotic materials such as titanium, hematite, cats eye acrylic beads, and even 14 karat gold. 

Barbell Piercing Rings

      Almost as versatile as the cbr, barbell rings can be worn in numerous body piercings. They can be used in deep flesh piercings such as the tongue or in surface piercings such as facial or nape piercings (the back of the neck). Barbell piercing rings also come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. They can be as small as 18 gauge or are even occasionally available in gauges as large as 1/2" (13mm) although barbells within the range of 14 gauge to 8 gauge are the most frequently available. Piercing barbells are most often designed as a straight shaft which is threaded on the ends for holding on the decorative balls. Straight shafts, while being the most comon form of barbell, are not the only choice by any means. Barbells shafts can be anything from slightly curved to twisted and new variations are constantly being introduced to the market as the demand for new and innovative body piercing jewelry continues to rise.

      A relatively new addition to this type of body piercing jewelry, and one which is becoming increasingly popular, is the industrial barbell. Most commonly a straight shaft of 14 gauge, Industrial barbells are easilly recognizable by their extended shaft lenghts. Where a regular staight barbell might be anywhere from 3/8" (10mm) to 5/8" (16mm) long, an industrial style barbell is usually 1 1/2" (38mm) long or more. Industrial barbells have become very trendy in the past few years and are now available in quite a few varieties with such variations as twisted or wave bent shafts, non-cylindrical shafts, and U bends. The most common application for industrial barbells is still threading them through multiple piercing in the ear, but they are being used for nape and other piercings as well. As with most body piercing jewelry, application is limited only by the imagination of the piercing professional and the individual wanting the piercing.

Piercing Retainers

      Another very popular item, piercing retainers are used to temporarilly hide a body piercing when wearing it is either inappropriate for the occasion or simply not allowed. A common need for a retainer arises when an employee with a facial or tongue piercing works for a boss or company that simply does not approve of body piercing and has a strict policy against wearing certain types of piercing jewelry on the job. 

      Montana Body Art, Inc. carries numerous styles of piercing retainers to meet the needs of our loyal customers. Among the most popular of our retainers are our 14 gauge tonge piercing retainers which feature various acrylic button style beads on the end of 5/8" (16mm) long 316L surgical implant grade stainless steel shafts. These popular piercing retainers include: clear tongue rings, pink tongue retainers, and flesh colored tongue rings. The clear and flesh colored retainers are the most popular and determining which retainer will be most effective for you depends upon the color of your tongue. All three styles feature low profile buttons to enhance theri ability to hide the tongue piercing. Many customers buy one of each. 

      Wearing a piercing retainer is recommended over simply going without jewelry due to the fact that most body piercings can heal and close up in a very short period of time when the jewelry is not worn. The use of a retainer also helps to keep foreign objects and bacteria out of the body piercing to reduce the risk of infection, irritation, or other problems. Retainers are a must have for anyone with a body piercing.

Nose Piercing Jewelry

      Coming in at a strong second place behind belly button rings, nose piercing jewelry is extremely popular among our customers. In order to meet the massive demand for this type of body piercing jewelry, Montana Body Art, Inc. carries a wide selection of: nose bones, nose studs, and nose screws. They are available in 316L stainless steel, .925 sterling silver, and solid 14 karat gold varieties and can be purchased with or without gems. Our most popular nose ring is the 316L stainless steel nose screw with a colored crystal gem; these high quality nose screws are 18 gauge and are both beautiful and sturdy. We also carry a nice selection of Cubic Zirconium gems and genuine diamond nose rings.

      Looking for something a bit different for your nostril piercing? Montana Body Art, Inc. carries a nice variety to suit most any taste. Whether you want a nose ring with a tiny gem that lays flat against the nose for a sexy and subtle look, or a more unique nose piercing ring which stands out a bit more, we have got just the thing to suit your style. The two most popular nose rings in the "something different" category are our .925 sterling silver cherry nose bone and our solid 14 karat gold nose screw with a prong set CZ gem cut in the shape of a star.  

Heavy Gauge Piercing Jewelery

      In an ongoing effort to keep the bravest of our customers happy, Montana Body Art, Inc. carries an ever growing selection of heavy gauge body piercing jewelery. Our current stock of large gauge body jewelry ranges in size from 12 gauge all the way up to the monster size half inch (1/2") flesh plugs and tunnels. Whether you are looking for a 12 gauge tongue ring, 00 gauge tunnels, 6 gauge captive bead rings, 4 gauge buffalo talons, tapers to stretch out an existing piercing to a larger gauge, or even captive bead ring opening or closing pliars to assist in the installation & removal of your large gauge cbr, Montanabodyart.com is the place to go for quality heavy gauge body jewelry at extremely discounted prices.

      Looking for a particular heavy gauge piece of body jewelry that you don't see? Just drop us an email request and we will do our best to get it in stock for you as quickly as possible! Much of our inventory is ordered based on customer request and we always dp our best to meet the specific needs of our customers.