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Body Piercing Kits

Body Piercing Kits & Piercing Stretching Kits

Montana Body Art, Inc. now carries a variety of body piercing kits for various piercings. The standard piercing kit comes without jewelry and can be ordered with a variety of needle gauges to suit your needs. Piercing specific kits include 316LVM jewelry suitable for use in the initial piercing. Items in this category are intended for use by a trained and qualified body piercing professional and Montana Body Art, Inc. does not recommend doing your own body piercing. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase piercing needles and body piercing kits.

Need a specific body piercing kit not shown? We can put together custm made body piercing kits for any body piercing application imaginable. Just drop us an email and we will give you a quote on a specially tailored body piercing kit to meet your needs. We have: 18 gauge piercing kits, 16 gauge piercing kits, 14 gauge piercing kits, 12 gauge piercing kits, 10 gauge piercing kits, 8 gauge piercing kits, and 6 gauge piercing kits with or without jewelry! Each kit contains a pre-sterilized tri-beveled piercing needle and everything you need to do the particular piercing you want. Once again, we do not recommend doing self piercing at home, but highly recommend having your body piercing done by a trained piercing professional.

Available body piercing kits include:

  • Basic body piercing kit; your choice of gauge
  • Barbell tongue piercing kit
  • Captive bead ring (cbr) piercing kit
  • Eyebrow piercing kit
  • Circular barbell (horseshoe) piercing kit
  • Navel (bellybutton) piercing kit
  • Nose (nostril) piercing kit
  • Septum Piercing kit
  • Custom piercing kits for any jewelry or piercing application
  • Piercing stretching kits for gauging up your piercing

Please click on the item images for full details on what is included with each body piercing kit.

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Available Gauge Sizes:

20 gauge 18 gauge
16 gauge 14 gauge
12 gauge 10 gauge
8 gauge 6 gauge
4 gauge 2 gauge
0 gauge 00 gauge
000 gauge 1/2 inch
9/16 inch 5/8 inch
3/4 inch 7/8 inch
1 inch 1 1/4 inch